Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Module, New Place, New Experience

Our communication module has come to its end. Yesterday. Yeah, the closing was completed by our Finale Presentation. From all 9 groups altogether, presenting our own group's invention idea. And I think my group have given the very best of ours. I hope so. Thanks to all the trainers who have put their 101% efforts in teaching and guiding us to become what we are now. And we are still trying our best to apply all the knowledge given. Thank you again to all the trainers. We love u all. :)

And today, we have started with the new module, the Technical Module. We started our first class which is being conducted by Sir Barjoyai. This class is totally different with the first module that we had for the last few weeks. But it is as interesting as the communication class. I think, Sir Barjoyai was so cool. Hehe. He showed us quite a lot of videos which is so interesting for our learning materials. I think we are lucky to have him in our class for these three days. Even tough our group has been relocated to the last two bench at the back, and we are still adapting ourselves to the new environment, as everything has become so limited right now, especially the visualization where I barely can see the slides displayed on the screen, and barely can hear Sir. So its kinda sad. Sob2. But its okay as in someway, I need to pay extra attention in order to conquer all the learning from him. I hope this is not permanent, I mean I hope that we will be relocated for the Entrepreneurship Module in order to be fair to everyone. Peace~

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Wonderful Day

It's been a week since my last entry rite? Sorry all. I don't want to put the busy excuses here anymore. Lame reason isn't it even if it is true. I am not going anywhere actually and I am still dedicating myself to this lovable BeST Programme. I think I can breath myself out by now. Everything has been settled down including the accommodation and unstable emotional feelings that have overwhelmed me these past few weeks. Huhhh. Relieved. Thank you Allah.

We are having the 'Powerful Presentation Skills' session today led by two great trainers, Encik Lah and Puan Rusilawati. I just love their ways in delivering their experiences and knowledge to us. It is a very great idea when they regroup us because I have the chances to meet and befriend closer with other classmates since we have been sitting within the same group these past few weeks. Oh, of course I love my current groupmates and it's just a good way to make us bonding with others which came from different groups. I think this way is better.

Oh yes, I miss my cats. I hope they are doing well. Kakak miss u guys. *I don't have their pictures to be uploaded here since I am using the uni's lab com*. Maybe next time ? :D

Monday, December 6, 2010

How to reach an audience through blogging??

Okay, here I go. Another assignment is coming in. No more chatting and reviewing on others blogs. It's brainstorming time! Chaiyok2!

How to Reach an Audience through Blogging?? This kind of question totally never came cross my mind, seriously. Huh. Where and how do I need to start? Yah, what about, we the bloggers follow the other blogger’s blog? Yeah, I think this really going to work. When we follow their blog, this one feeling so called ‘repaying’ would trigger them to do so. Indirectly, they will promote our blog on theirs and this gives some promotion for our blog.

Popping out with great ideas and writing an interesting entry totally can hook some amount of readers out there which can grow into bigger amount in later day. I know that not everyone of us was born with the talent in writing, but we can learn how to write nicely and which topics that we should pick to be bringing in to our blog. Open some blog which belongs to the famous blogger, analyze how they write, what do they write about most commonly, and try to create one. This might take time but once you’ve get the right button pushed, the keyboard is yours. Not every famous and successful bloggers start with blooming respond from the readers, it takes time for readers to acknowledge their blog and to be what they are now.

Beautiful and nice entries usually are something that being told to be related to everyone’s life, if possible. An applicable story or entries usually can attract more readers as readers find it as interesting.

Last but not least, don’t forget to leave your footprint whenever you arrived at someone else blog so that they would know you were there reading their blog. Leave comments anywhere possible so they would feel that you are trying to interact with them. Bloggers usually are looking forward for any comments from the readers and they would feel so pleased to changing mind with their readers. Indirectly you guys can become friends and again there will be no hesitation for them to promote the interesting blog of yours. 

(credited to Mr. Google)

Wonderful Night

I just had a wonderful dinner with wonderful person. Alhamdulillah. So full of foods and happiness. We had nasi bubur berlauk at kampung baru KL. But sorry I cannot remember the stall's name as I didn't manage to stalk on the stall's signboard. Hehe. Gelojoh sgt nak makan and balik. And as far as I can remember, there is no signboard hanging anywhere. What I can remember clearly was the name of the stall next to this bubur's stall. Something sounds like 'Kak Som'. Nothing much to write as nothing can be condemned. The foods was awesome and the drinks was nice too. So tasty. It's so rare nowadays to find drinks especially fruit juice that tasty as heaven. Unless you go to hotel which cost you lotsa bucks. I don't have pictures to show you guys as I am kind of spending my whole time facing and finishing the foods. The time I remembered to capture some photos of the food, the foods were already gone. Hehe. I hope you guys had a wonderful dinner too for tonight and good night peeps!

p/s: Thank you Allah for everything You gave in my life. Alhamdulillah. :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010


I spent about 4 years of my life at Bandar Sunway as I studied there. But now I have moved somewhere else and now I really miss Sunway. :'( I miss Sunway Pyramid damn much. I love shopping there as almost everything I need is there. I don't have to worry about where to eat as there is so much food stall and I can rest at peace whenever I reached home after spending a whole tiring day at uni. Whenever I ran out of cash I just need to take a short walk to the nearest ATM branch to dispense some cash. In short, I don't have to worry about much things when I was there. And yesterday I went to Sunway Pyramid with besties and it's just feels at home again. I hope I can adapt myself to this new environment just like I adapted myself to the old's place.

p/s: After all, it is about how you adapt to the environment, not how the environment adapt to you. Cheers! ^.^

Writing is healthy :)

Salam and a very good evening everyone.

People ever said the more we try to avoid from something the closer we will get to it. Is it true? Yes, it is definitely true for me as actually I already own a blog before this which is still alive but probably dying (hohoh) by now and it maybe need the most expensive drugs to cure and recover it. Hehe. So mean of me right. Hehe. But its not because I don't love it anymore. Its just because I've lost the interest to write things as it usually get worsen when I get too excited to write a lot about things around me. >.< On top of that, the busy lifestyle I lead also limiting my time to write things. But effective from now, I had to write again and again (maybe? hee). And ever wondering why I need to write again? Yeah, it is one of my assessment. Yeah! Serve me right (:p). After almost 4 months holiday since my final exam, I guess my brain had become rusted. Worse than rusted maybe? Ayaiiii. However, on the positive side, I would like to thank Pn. Sita Hashim who had assigned us this assignment as I can't really imagine how rusted my brain can be if I kept do nothing other than talking excessively. At least I can do something great this weekend by brainstorming my brain. Yeah, but I just accidentally post this entry later than it should be because I have some stuff to be settled by these few couple days. My bad mam. Hee.

Yeah, see u again peeps! *smooches*