Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Module, New Place, New Experience

Our communication module has come to its end. Yesterday. Yeah, the closing was completed by our Finale Presentation. From all 9 groups altogether, presenting our own group's invention idea. And I think my group have given the very best of ours. I hope so. Thanks to all the trainers who have put their 101% efforts in teaching and guiding us to become what we are now. And we are still trying our best to apply all the knowledge given. Thank you again to all the trainers. We love u all. :)

And today, we have started with the new module, the Technical Module. We started our first class which is being conducted by Sir Barjoyai. This class is totally different with the first module that we had for the last few weeks. But it is as interesting as the communication class. I think, Sir Barjoyai was so cool. Hehe. He showed us quite a lot of videos which is so interesting for our learning materials. I think we are lucky to have him in our class for these three days. Even tough our group has been relocated to the last two bench at the back, and we are still adapting ourselves to the new environment, as everything has become so limited right now, especially the visualization where I barely can see the slides displayed on the screen, and barely can hear Sir. So its kinda sad. Sob2. But its okay as in someway, I need to pay extra attention in order to conquer all the learning from him. I hope this is not permanent, I mean I hope that we will be relocated for the Entrepreneurship Module in order to be fair to everyone. Peace~